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Trip to Chitown


I forgot to mention the trip to Chicago. I must say, I love Chicago alot more than New York. Its a beautiful city and I do hope to go again. My fiance’s birthday surprise was a luncheon on the Chicago Odyssey (http://www.odysseycruises.com/chicago/index.cfm) and the food was wonderful. Later we ate at Lawry’s Restaurant (http://www.lawrysonline.com).

In Chicago all the main shops are on Michigan Ave and after two blocks of going into every shop, Fiance and I were so tired. All in all, he had a great and romantic birthday!!! Oh and I bought FI new shoes by Italian designer, Zegna (http://www.zegna.com). Thanks Rod (store consultant) for all of your help!

me in Chitown       FI in chitown


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Okay, let me start today by saying that the Tyler Perry movie, “Why did I get Married” is a absolute gorgeous movie!!! God is using him to let the world know that the greatest gift he has given us is “LOVE” and we need to love one another in order to move forward.

If we can learn to forgive each other and replace it with “LOVE” this world would be so different…Stop holding grudges!!! Don’t you know that holding on to the past makes you miss the wonderful things GOD has in store for you for the future? GOD is not going to help you unless you help yourself. Stop blaming yourself and others, learn to forgive and forget so that “LOVE” can flourish in you heart.

Forget about the past because as long as GOD has giving you the breathe to live, there is a tomorrow to make a difference.

If we tried everyday just to be kind and not expect anything back in return, our hearts can change and become full of God’s greatest gift called, “LOVE.”

Can I get an Amen because my GOD is good, all the Time!!!

Nat King Cole – Love

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The necklaces for the MOH and BMs are in and they are really pretty. Now I just need to buy a jewelry box to put them in. I purchased them from http://www.allcostumejewelry.com.

So far I have purchased a journal and flower pen for my bridal party. Flower pens are bought from http://www.myweddingfavors.com/gerberbrights.html.

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